Q. What is cpu.tf?
A. We're an on-demand server hosting network.

Q. Is it free?
A. Yup! Though, we also sell extended rentals, and offer a premium option for those of you that wish to support our development. 

Q. How does it work?
A. Rather than using an existing and active TF2 server donated by the community, we instead utilize a large Virtual Private Server network. This allows us to use a "global server limit" instead of a per-location limit, which basically means you will always be able to reserve a server at the location you want.

Q. What's the global server limit?
A. Currently, we allow up to 20 servers on our free network, and 10 servers on our premium network.

Q. What's the difference between cpu.tf and serveme.tf?
A. We provide a truly on-demand network of servers with no region restrictions in place. If you want a server in Chicago, just create one. Every location we provide is always available for on-demand use. Serveme, on the other hand, relies on existing stock, which limits you to whichever servers they have online at the time. If they only have five servers in Chicago, and all five of them are in use, your only choice is to pick a different location, potentially putting you at a ping disadvantage. Since we don't have any existing stock, we don't have that problem. You will always find a server at the location of your choice on cpu.tf.

Q. What league configs come on the server?
A. We offer configs from ESEA, ETF2L, OZF, RGL, TFCL, & UGC.